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Women Funding Women’s Education

Board of Directors

Nahid Hamzei

Education: BA, R-MWC; CPA

Career: Director of Asset Management; Westmont Hospitality Group. Over 25 years experience in real estate asset management managing portfolios.

Volunteer: Ronald McDonald House; Habitat for Humanity

Quote: “ My experience with a variety of leadership positions at a woman’s college gave me the opportunity to learn problem solving, critical thinking and decision making. The knowledge gained has accompanied me at every stage of my life.”

Margaret McKean

Education: BA, University of California at Berkeley; MA, Harvard University; PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Career: Professor Emerita of Political Science and Research Professor of Environmental Policy in the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University. Japan specialist. An original member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel on Common property, and in 1989, co-founder with others, including Elinor Ostrom — first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics (2009) — the International Association for the Study of the Commons.

Volunteer: Carolina Ballet, Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle (SCOT)

Quote: “With four children having to choose colleges, we have made a total of more than 40 visits to liberal arts colleges over a 13-year period. These visits included repeat trips to about a dozen wonderful women’s colleges; two daughters chose to attend Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and Smith College. During these visits and on family visits after our daughters began attending, I was continually struck by how strong and capable the students at the women’s colleges were, and what a vibrant intellectual atmosphere we found there. I am delighted to support The Sunflower Initiative, to enable more women to benefit from attending a women’s college where they can challenge themselves to the fullest and discover all of their talents and abilities.”

Kristin Callis Hodges

Education: BA, R-MWC

Career: Owner and Manager: Six Oaks, LLC

Volunteer: Kenston Forest School; Lunenberg Charity Fund; LCC Recreation Association; Kenbridge United Methodist Church

Quote: “At a woman’s college, my right to claim an opportunity became an inherent, essential part of my character. Justifying life’s decisions based on some arbitrary societal expectation was no longer necessary. Burdened no more by the expectations of others or hesitant to claim opportunities, I became free to pursue my own life more abundant.”

Elizabeth Gordon McCrodden

Education: BA, R-MWC; JD, UNC, with honors; MA, History, NC State University

Career: 35 years experience as an attorney and mediator; Former Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals; Chief Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission; Assistant Attorney General State of North Carolina.

Volunteer: President, League of Women Voters; Wake Education Partnership; The Women’s Forum of North Carolina. Founded and Served as First President of The North Carolina Center for Women in Public Service, which prepares women to serve in public office.

Quote: “Attending a woman’s college affirmed my belief that women are capable of anything; that they possess the intelligence, determination, and courage to go into the world as full partners in all arenas of life; that they raise the bar of life when they do participate; that they venerate the women who preceded them, and that they have the generosity of spirit that never lets them forget those who might succeed them.”

Ellen James Ramsburgh

Education: BA, R-MWC

Career: Homemaker and Community Volunteer

Volunteer: Ann Arbor Historical Commission (past Chair), Ann Arbor Historical Foundation (current President), Allen Creek Greenway Citizens Advisory Commission, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Board of Ann Arbor YMCA

Quote: “Several years after graduating from my alma mater, I was asked to help in a volunteer capacity recruiting prospective students. I was thrilled to meet these young women, and to learn about their lives and aspirations while imparting memories and experiences that have served as a strong foundation for my own life. I also relished the opportunity these encounters afforded to share the ample research demonstrating that the learning environment of a woman’s college provides many women with greater opportunities for intellectual and personal growth than does a coeducational college setting. I look forward to the prospect of keeping the choice of a woman’s college viable for young women of today and tomorrow.”